Poincare inequality from different approach

\mathbf{Problem:} Let \Omega be convex and u\in C^1(\Omega). Suppose S\subset\Omega with \displaystyle \frac{|S|}{|\Omega|}>0,

\displaystyle |u(x)-u_S|\leq \frac{d^n}{n|S|}\int_{\Omega}\frac{|\nabla u(y)|}{|x-y|^{n-1}}dy

where d is the diameter of \Omega and \displaystyle u_S=\frac{1}{|S|}\int_S u(y)dy.

\mathbf{Proof\,1: }

\displaystyle u(y)-u(x)=\int_0^1\frac{d}{dt}\left(u(ty+(1-t)x)\right)dt=\int_0^1\nabla u(ty+(1-t)x)\cdot(x-y)dt

\displaystyle |u(x)-u_S|\leq\frac{1}{|S|}\int_S|u(x)-u(y)|dy\leq \frac{1}{|S|}\int_S\int_0^1|\nabla u(ty+(1-t)x)||x-y|dtdy

Set z=ty+(1-t)x, then t|x-y|=|z-x|. Since |x-y|\leq d, \displaystyle t\geq \frac{|z-x|}{d}. We also have t^ndy=dz


\displaystyle |u(x)-u_S|\leq \frac{d}{|S|}\int_\Omega\int_\frac{|z-x|}{d}^\infty \frac{|\nabla u(z)|}{t^n}\,dtdz=\frac{d^n}{(n-1)|S|}\int_\Omega\frac{|\nabla u(z)|}{|z-x|^{n-1}}dz.

\mathbf{Proof\,2: } Using

\displaystyle u(x)-u(y)=\int_{0}^{|x-y|}\frac{d}{dt}u(x+tw)dt=\int_0^{|x-y|}\nabla u(x+tw)\cdot wdt

where \displaystyle w=\frac{x-y}{|x-y|}. Then

\displaystyle |u(x)-u_S|\leq\frac{1}{|S|}\int_S |u(x)-u(y)|dy\leq \frac{1}{|S|}\int_S\int_0^{|x-y|}|\nabla u(x+tw)|dtdy

\displaystyle \leq \frac{1}{|S|}\int_\Omega\int_0^{\infty}|\nabla u(x+tw)|\chi_{\{t<|x-y|\}}dtdy

\displaystyle \leq \frac{1}{|S|} \int_0^\infty\int_{|w|=1}\int_0^d|\nabla u(x+tw)|\chi_{\{t<|x-rw|\}}r^{n-1}dwdrdt

\displaystyle \leq \frac{d^n}{n|S|}\int_0^\infty\int_{|w|=1}|\nabla u(x+tw)|\chi_{\{t<|x-\xi(w)|\}}dwdt

\displaystyle =\frac{d^n}{n|S|}\int_\Omega \frac{|\nabla u(z)|}{|z-x|^{n-1}}dz

where \xi(w) is the intersection of ray x+tw with \partial \Omega (it is unique because \Omega is convex).

\text{Q.E.D}\hfill \square


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