Geodesic Normal Coordinates, Gauss lemma and Identity

Suppose {p} is a point on {n-}dim manifold {M}. Consider the exponential map near {p}, at suitable neighborhood any point within it can be expressed uniquely as

\displaystyle \text{exp}(x^1e_1+x^2e_2+\cdots+x^ne_n)

where {\{e_i\}} is an orthonormal basis. Then {\{x^i\}} can be coordinate around {p}. Let us deduce useful identities using this coordinate. Obviously, the geodesic in this coordinate will be

\displaystyle \gamma(t)=tv, \quad v\in T_pM

In particular {v=e_i},

\displaystyle g_{ij}(p)=\langle \frac{\partial }{\partial x^i}(0),\frac{\partial }{\partial x^j}(0)\rangle=\langle e_i,e_j\rangle=\delta _{ij}

The geodesic equation will be

\displaystyle \Gamma^k_{ij}(\gamma(t))v^iv^j=0

Multiplying {t^2}, we get

\displaystyle \Gamma^k_{ij}(\gamma(t))x^ix^j=0

Since the tangent vector has constant length along {\gamma(t)}, i.e.

\displaystyle g_{ij}(\gamma(t))v^iv^j=g_{ij}(p)v^iv^j=v^iv^i

Multiplying {t^2}, it is equivalent to say

\displaystyle g_{ij}x^ix^j=x^ix^i

Furthermore, recalling the definition of Christoffel symbol, one can get

\displaystyle \frac{1}{2}(\partial_j g_{ik}+\partial_i g_{jk}-\partial_k g_{ij})x^ix^j=0

Or equivalently

\displaystyle \partial_j g_{ik}x^ix^j=\frac{1}{2}\partial_kg_{ij}x^ix^j=\frac{1}{2}\partial_k(g_{ij}x^ix^j)-g_{kj}x^j=x^k-g_{kj}x^j

While on the left hand side

\displaystyle \partial_j g_{ik}x^ix^j=\partial_j(g_{ik}x^i)x^j-g_{ik}x^i

Combining this two facts,

\displaystyle \partial_j(g_{ik}x^i)x^j=x^k

\displaystyle \partial_j(g_{ik}x^i-x^k)x^j=0

This means along {\gamma(t)},

\displaystyle \frac{d}{dt}(g_{ik}x^i-x^k)=0

Since at {p}, {g_{ik}x^i-x^k=0}, one get

\displaystyle g_{ik}x^i=x^k

on any point in the neighborhood. This identity is called Gauss Lemma.

Suppose {g(x)=\text{exp}(h(x))}, {h_{ij}(x)} is a symmetric 2-tensor. Then the above identity means {h_{ij}x^j=0}.

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